Thomson Reuters | FindLaw – Love Your Lawyer Day 2017

Project Description

Acquiring leads and generating demand were the prime goals of this campaign. By utilizing a countdown timer in the save the date email for this campaign it created a sense of urgency. This email was developed using a responsive template due to a large percent of the audience using a mobile phone to access email. The email was also tailored to not trigger spam filters.

Prospects were first sent a Save The Date Email that utilized a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency. The second email that went out was personalized and contained a field merge inside an image to personalize the user experience for each prospect. The 3rd email was a last chance / Cyber Monday email that contained an interactive scratch off page that allowed the user to claim a prize. This then directed the user to the specific prize and allowed them to claim it by filling out a form and meeting with a salesperson.

Project Details

Client: Thomson Reuters | FindLaw
Date: October – November 2017
Skills: HTML, CSS, Eloqua, Campaign Canvas, E-mail Segmentation, Form Pre-Population, Movable Ink, Litmus, Email On Acid

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