Emerson – Kingsport, TN Plant Reliability Event

Project Description

The goal of this campaign is to drive Emerson customers within the Kingsport area to the sign up for this local event on plant reliability. To do this a series of e-mails was created by me and sent prior to the event. This was my first project where I got to setup the back-end of the campaign canvas in Eloqua and look into the segmentation of e-mails. Messaging was created by marketing and I received some assistance from Katrina Dimaculangan on testing my campaign canvas. All of the design and development work was done by me.

This campaign consists of 6 e-mails, 2 landing pages and 1 form. The templates CSS was updated to match corporate style guide and pre-population was added to the form. When a customer clicks from e-mail the form is auto filled in with their data.

Out of the box Eloqua was missing pre-populating dropdowns. We noticed this was a pain point for our customers. So working with Relationship One we were able to develop a JavaScript solution that pre-populates all fields and dropdowns with customer data.

Project Details

Client: Emerson
Date: January 2017
Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Eloqua, Campaign Canvas, E-mail Segmentation, Form Pre-Population
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